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Humiliation is being ashamed or embarrassed because of the consequence of bad decisions, wrong actions or mistakes made.  Samson, who had been so strong, was defeated and humiliated

Do not humiliate others

becoming the blind grain grinder because he had mixed with the wrong company (Jdg 16:1-21). God will let us suffer humiliation too if we become overconfident and self-sufficient, rather than relying on and obeying Him.

Jesus was humiliated and mocked while suspended naked on the cross, suffering the wrath of God for our sin while the crowds challenged Him to prove He was the son of God, yet in love He submitted Himself to the vileness of man to purchase our salvation (Mt 27:35-44).

It is better to take the humble place than be humiliated before others (Prov 25:7,8; Lk 14:7-11).

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