<<one who inherits, beneficiary>>

When we accept Christ, we become children of God and heirs (by His grace alone), partaking of the divine riches and having the hope of eternal life (Jn 1:12; Gal 3:26, 4:4-7; Tit 3:4-7; Heb 1:2). Believers are heirs of God, and co-heirs with Christ, inheriting the Kingdom of God if we fully identify with Him (Mt 25:34; Rom 8:16,17). Faith and patience are required to receive our inheritance which culminates in heaven (Heb 6:12; 1 Pet 1:4; Rev 21:7).

By His sovereign decision God chose us to be heirs of Christ and legally entitled to receive what He purchased for us by His death and resurrection. To gain our salvation we have to repent and accept the provision, similarly we must do our part to claim our inheritance in Christ and utilise it for His

Do not let Satan rob you of the blessings Christ died to provide

glory.  Apart from the forgiveness of our sins and eternal life, many of the other privileges or benefits are gained by pursuing God with intensity and faith. God keeps His word, with the Holy Spirit being ‘a deposit’ in our lives – guaranteeing we will ultimately experience what God has prepared for those that love Him (1 Cor 2:9; Eph 1:3-14, 3:6 ; Jas 2:5). As we hold on to the promises of the Bible they can be enjoyed in some measure this side of heaven, with the anticipation of much more to come!

To inherit eternal life a person must accept God’s Lordship and love Him with their full being and from that position outwork love to others (Mt 19:29; Mk 12:30,31). Don’t mess up and miss out on the grace of God, forfeiting what can be yours, by living ‘in the flesh’ and doing things your own way; a self-centred person can’t inherit what is reserved for the spiritually orientated one (Gal 4:30, 6:7,8). We choose whether we receive God’s blessing and approval or experience His displeasure (Gen 4:7; Josh 24:20).

Satan forfeited his position and blessing in heaven and does all he can to prevent us from entering into our rightful inheritance (Jn 10:10). It is ours by legal right yet we have to battle for it – “Ask, seek and knock” – each of these requires effort to pursue and persistence on our part to receive (Mt 7:7). Determination and spiritual warfare are required to contend for that for which Christ took hold of us (Phil 3:12; Jud 1:3).

God wants to give good gifts to us, not so we can live in luxury, but rather so we can be channels through whom those blessings can flow to others, be they material or spiritual – “that which I received from the Lord I pass on” (Lk 11:9-13; 1 Cor 11:23). Why not be like Elisha who asked for, and received, a double portion of Elijah’s spirit so that through his life and ministry more people could be touched for God (2 Kgs 2:9). However, remember that we are not to take any credit or praise for the results (Isa 42:8, 48:11).

There are caveats to our inheritance. As children of God, we have various rights, but also responsibilities to fulfill – concentrate your efforts on meeting your obligations. If you ‘have the Son’ you have life promised to you

Being an heir comes with responsibilities

(1 Jn 5:12). However to fully experience it you must conform to His conditions, which include loving Him with your whole being, forgiving others, having a servant’s heart, and being concerned and sacrificing for others. Having a right relationship with one’s spouse is also vitally important (Lk 6:37; 1 Pet 3:7). “In Christ, all the fullness of God lives and you have been given fullness in Him” (Col 2:9,10).

God will meet our need, not our perceived wants, according to His riches in Christ (Phil 4:19). While He is able and does give good gifts to His children, He does not do so if it is to their detriment, just as a loving parent withholds a powerful, high speed car from an irresponsible teenager who is learning to drive.

See also: birthright, descendants, first born, heritage, inheritance, legacy, responsible/responsibility, sovereignty of God, spiritual warfare.