<<a specific evil custom>>

The essence of this old and evil pagan festival worshipping the Celtic Druids ‘god of death’ is still observed each year on 31st October in some parts of the world. The Druid priests would go house to house demanding to be supplied with food, and if given, they would proceed to the next house. However, refusal resulted in the household being cursed with trouble, and the hex sign would be marked on the door. This is the origin of ‘trick or treat’ – in reality meaning ‘respond to our demands or suffer the consequences’. Other homes would be ordered to supply a virgin girl, who would be sexually abused then ritually sacrificed to appease this evil god of death, the victim’s bodies then being thrown into the bone fires – now called bonfires. Masks and costumes were worn to hide the identity of those involved.

Today the observance of Halloween is considered ‘a bit of harmless fun’ yet its underlying root is witchcraft and the occult, glamorising sexual abuse and human sacrifice, while desensitising the participants to evil and expecting rewards on demand. Christians

Stay out of the enemy’s camp!

should not expose themselves to its evil influence by participating in this custom. The Bible instructs us to hate what is evil, not even imitating it but rather exposing its source (Rom 12:9, 16:19; Eph 5:11; 3 Jn 1:11). The Israelites were warned against such evil practices and told “Not to learn the way of the heathen” (Deut 18:9-12; Jer 20:10).

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