<<indifferent, lacking enthusiasm>> 

Being lukewarm in devotion to God by giving ‘lip service’ rather than from the heart is sickening to Him (Isa 29:13; Rev 3:15,16). We are to love God with all our heart, fervently and exclusively, having no other thing or person more important in our lives (Ex 20:3; Ps 86:12; Mt 22:37). This dedication to Him will result in complete obedience and eventually the commendation “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Mt 25:21; Jn 14:23). The disciples said, “We have left all to follow you” (Lk18:28). Will I make that total commitment? The terms for following Jesus are not for us to negotiate (Mt 7:7,8, 20:4; Lk 9:62). Do not have the approach of ‘if He blesses me that’s fine, if He doesn’t that’s still OK’. Such an apathetic attitude, coupled with mediocre effort, will not reach any goals of significance, but progress takes place when people work at something with all their might – especially if their life depends on it or when something captures their heart and full attention propelling them to obtain whatever the price tag (Neh 4:6, 6:15; Mt 13:44).

While salvation is free, it is up to us as to how much of the divine provisions we appropriate into our lives – through faith, persistence and effort to press in and obtain what we desire (Mt 7:11; Lk 11:13). Pursue God fully, not giving up partway, when the going gets tough or tedious. See what is possible; be fully committed to see it become

   Do I love God with all my heart?      – Mark 12:30

reality. Don’t settle for less than you really want (Lk 11:8, 18:5). Why live with the regret, ‘If only I had persisted or given my all to Him!’ Our salvation cost Jesus everything; can we be any less committed or devoted to live with enthusiasm and passion for His Kingdom? 

“Seek God with all your heart and you will find Him” is the promise of Scripture (Jer 29:13).  Jacob knew what he wanted and was determined, “I will not let you go until you bless me” (Gen 32:26). Repeatedly in the Psalms the totality and exurbrant level of worship of God is expressed (Ps 9:1, 86:12, 103:1).

Elisha was another who knew what he wanted and would not be talked out of fulfilling the conditions and whatever it cost to receive it (2Kgs 2:1-12). Paul considered all else as rubbish compared with knowing Christ and strained towards that goal (Phil 3:7-14). Do I judge my relationship with Him of such immense value, being determined to pay the price, or do I quickly settle for less?

Jesus is never stingy or begrudging in His love or care for us. 

See also: apathy, commitment, desire, determined, enthusiasm, heart, indifference, motive/motivation, passion, zeal.