The deluge of water by which all air breathing creatures, except Noah and his family (total of eight humans) and the different animals and birds housed in the ark, were destroyed because of mankind’s sinfulness (Gen 6:13).  After God closed the door of the ark, it rained for 40 days.  The inhabitants of the ark disembarked after a total of 371 days.  God declared He would never again destroy the world with a flood and gave the rainbow as His signature (Gen 9:11,13-17).

The timing of the flood is undated but appears to have happened relatively early in the world’s history.

Jesus in concluding the Sermon on the Mount spoke of the flood and torrent that relentlessly tested two houses. One illustrated a structure built on a solid base because the message was heard and acted on – the result was it withstood the attack; the other was without a sturdy foundation for although it received the same wise information this was not put into action – the outcome was total over-powering devastation and destruction (Lk 6:46-49). Which house represents my life? Do I apply God's Word now or defer doing anything about it?

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