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Aspire to be great in the Kingdom of God because of your acts of faith, good works and righteous lifestyle rather than trying to make it in this world’s fickle society, which is but a fleeting illusion. The motive of the people who started building the tower of Babel was let’s make a name for ourselves (Gen 11:4). Moses, who was extremely humble (and

    Seek the approval of God, not                                 the praise of man

maintained that attribute throughout his life), was used by God in outstanding ways (Num 12:3; Deut 34:10-12). News about the healing power of Jesus spread with His reputation and fame enraging the jealous religious leaders (Mt 4:24; Lk 5:15).

Those who become famous in some measure are always in society’s spotlight. Unfortunately, the unrelenting attention and pressure often has a serious negative impact and instead of being role models for others to follow, because of pride and unholy lifestyles, they crash out, as their character has not grown along with their fame.

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