<<intentional ending of another’s life>>

It is ridding society of handicapped people, the elderly, those who are considered a liability and drain on the system, or those who want to opt out of this life.  It is the belief that, when a person’s life becomes unbearable, because of an incurable disease, pain or their mental capacity has completely deteriorated with no hope of recovery, it is a kind and humane action to cause that person to die. It may be either voluntary or involuntary.

Euthanasia does not include refusing further treatment or switching off life support if the body is unable to sustain life with death being the result because of an underlying medical condition. Euthanasia is when a person’s body is still able to sustain life, and death is not the result of a medical condition rather the premature termination by an intentional lethal injection or other action. Abortion is the humanistic way of dealing with the unwanted unborn while euthanasia is dealing with the unwanted born.

Although often called ‘mercy killing’ it is basically murder or suicide. Man becomes sovereign over life, determining who comes into the world and who will die. It is flouting the sanctity and value of life besides ignoring people’s dignity. God, not man, has the right to terminate or take life. God has appointed the days of our life and it's end is in His

       He ‘numbers our days’, it is not                    our right to adjust His figures

hands too (Ps 31:15, 37:18, 139:16). His timeless command is, "Do not murder" (Ex 20:13). He hates those who shed innocent blood (Rom 16:16,17).

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