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Abortion is normally associated with the intentional terminating of the life of an unborn child.

From the moment of conception, a new life has commenced and in God’s sight, the termination of the pregnancy and killing of the developing foetus is murder (Ex 20:13). God hates those who shed innocent blood, even if the developing child has serious medical conditions (Prov 6:16,17). Although legalised in many countries, such laws do

Have I brought something of eternal worth to an untimely end?

not make the violent killing of innocent ‘still in the womb’, unprotected children, any less sinful (and answerable to God for). From the moment of conception an embryo bears the image of God, as humankind is made in the divine likeness (Gen 1:26,27, 9:5,6). Without radical interference the pre-born human being or developing foetus will become a unique individual, with the difference between it and any one of us is age, location and dependence. 

Those who have had an abortion often experience grieving, guilt and depression. What has been done can't be undone, yet God offers forgiveness to those who acknowledge they have done wrong and turn to Him. Relief comes through repentance, accepting His

An unborn child has a right to life

forgiveness, forgiving yourself and godly counselling. The terminating of an unborn child brings people under a curse, because of the injustice against the weak and defenceless (Deut 27:25). If a married couple does not desire children, the prevention of conception is the only valid biblical alternative. However, if an ‘unexpected’ baby is conceived it should be welcomed with gratitude, not considered an inconvenience.  Giving the child up to adoption is a possible solution if the parents are unable to care for the child themselves. We can only speculate whether an unborn child who dies, before what some consider the age of accountability, goes to heaven, as the Bible does not specifically say. Although an aborted baby or young child has not wilfully sinned, each child conceived bears the sinful nature inherited from Adam (Ps 51:5). However, God in His sovereignty knows if this young life would have continued in the way that leads to eternal death or turned to Him for salvation. We can be sure though of His justice and grace. As Abraham said, “Will not the judge of the entire world do right?” (Gen 18:25).

In the spiritual realm, God’s plans can also be aborted or terminated through rebellion, lack of obedience and neglect by half-hearted believers.

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