This is making better or improving the quality by adding something desirable to what is already there.

“I always thank God for you because of His grace given you in Christ
Jesus. For in Him you have been enriched in every way…” (1 Cor 1:5). God
is a generous God, liberally pouring blessings upon us from His vast supply as we open ourselves to Him in faith to receive them. Paul confidently

   Enrich your life through fellowshipping                      with your maker and redeemer

stated, “You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God” (2 Cor 9:11).

Satan has always promised much, yet he can’t deliver, with Jesus truthfully saying, “The thief’s purpose is to steal, kill and destroy. My purpose is to give life in all its fullness” (Jn 10:10). Embracing salvation may improve the earthly life of some, while for others it will bring persecution and increased physical hardship, but it will certainly result in the all-important eternal life for those who follow Him.

David’s testimony was, “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall lack nothing…” (Ps 23:1-6). He concentrated on and gave his attention to God, utilizing the divine resources available. Since then (OT times), Jesus has defeated all the power of the enemy through the cross and we have the Holy Spirit living within us (1 Cor 6:19; 1 Jn 3:8). How much greater our spiritual experiences should be as we have been “enriched in every way”.

Our lives are also enriched by the positive experiences and wholesome friendships we develop with our character improved as we respond in a godly way to the trials and challenges of life. The world’s philosophy is largely focused on personal pleasure on earth, with self at the centre; this stance is in total contrast to what the Bible teaches,

Do I enrich the lives of others or                                       deplete them?

where God is always to be our top priority, followed by our love and concern for others, as we keep eternity in mind (Ex 20:3; Mk 12:30,31). Unfortunately, even within Christianity, being self-absorbed, alongside expectations of temporal (earthly) blessing as advocated by the prosperity doctrine can easily divert attention from developing the character qualities God requires and being concerned about others also achieving eternally lasting outcomes (Lk 6:31; Phil 2:4,21).

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