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When sin entered the world everything became impaired, operating on a much-reduced level of capability, with chaos and crime increasing in proportion to how much God is ignored and left out of people’s lives. Satan’s aim is to wreak havoc in everything (Jn 10:10). By their rebellion our first parents surrendered to Satan and conditions have deteriorated ever since. People still reject previously recognised rules and standards, abandoning boundaries and doing what seems right in their own eyes, with self being the focus (Jdg 17:6). Tempting people to engage in ungodly pastimes, destructive habits and taking mind altering drugs that render the users not in control of their faculties are some of the methods Satan uses to lure people into bondage to evil so they live far below the God's ideal. As Christians, we are tasked with reversing the disruptive and evil influence with which Satan is intent on harassing God’s creation. We are to be dependent on the Lord, submissive to His Word, alert and self-controlled so we are not taken captive by Satan (1 Thes 5:6; 1 Pet 5:8).

Only as we develop a healthy respect for and relationship with Christ can we truly restore our spiritual life, for it is through connection to Him that we commence the journey back into wholeness, which will  be completed in eternity (Jn 10:10; Phil 1:6). Confession and forgiveness are key to repairing

Are there dysfunctional aspects to my life? How can I deal with them?

all dysfunctional relationships. This will lead to improved order, integrity and respect in society as well – where lives are valued and people are safe and productive, contributing to the overall benefit of everyone through a healthy sense of social responsibility (Phil 2:4).

See also: confusion, disobedience, effective/efficient, rebellion, self-will.