Drugs have both legitimate and illegitimate uses.

Illegal drugs (also called recreational drugs as they are taken for pleasure rather than medical reasons) temporarily take away the conscious control of a person’s mind, with serious long-term destructive effects. These substances (classified as depressants, stimulants or hallucinogenic which give a false illusion) although offering short-term

Don’t even try!

escapism, confuse the mind, impair the body and bring darkness to the heart. As with excess alcohol, the individual who is high on drugs is in no position to fulfil the command to “be alert and self-controlled" (1 Thes 5:6; 1 Pet 5:8). It is easy to get addicted to their use yet very difficult to stop, as the body craves another dose resulting in increased dependency, financial bondage and serious health issues. For those contemplating going down this pathway consider what is the typical lifestyle and outcome of those who are into such evils. Don’t even be tempted to just have a ‘taster’. Withstand the 'I dare you' of peer pressure to experiment. Don't use them to prove to anyone you are part of the 'in crowd'. Our actions – good or bad – affect a web of relationships. Make wise long-term choices regarding recreational drug use and getting drunk as they reflect a selfish and dangerous lifestyle, with addiction not an escape from pain; it is pain in the worst way, as countless thousands of ex-addicts sadly testify. Many users say they are looking for peace, joy, and the high that such drugs allegedly give, yet this is only a poor counterfeit of what God gives through a relationship with Jesus Christ. As Christians, we are to be dependent on Him, not substances that render us less in control of our faculties and unaware of what is happening around us.

Even legalised medicinal prescription drugs often have a detrimental effect on the body and should only be taken sparingly and on sound advice for a Christian should not come under the control of any medication as these also can be addictive (1 Cor 6:12). As believers we are to care for our bodies which are a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit having been purchased by the blood of Christ (1 Cor 6:19,20; 2 Cor 1:22). This means taking preventative care, maintaining a heathy diet and getting proper exercise. God has given wisdom to researchers and doctors, often using their skills to bring about restoration and health besides His intervening directly in our lives.

See also: abstinence, addiction, bondage, deliverance, dependence, escapism, habit, healing, health, occult, peer pressure.