Dreams, Shattered

Reality seldom turns out as envisaged in our dreams. We all have had shattered dreams – ideals and goals of what we believed were ‘of God’ that have ended up as smoldering ashes. We have a choice – either become bitter towards God and pour out emotional poison onto those around or else honestly face the situation and grow by allowing Him to minister to our bewilderment and hurt. Turn to His loving arms and be transformed. Some dreams that don’t become reality in God’s time and way, appear to simply die as a seed falling into the ground that bears no visible fruit, yet as we surrender ourselves, and our hopes to Him they are changed into a better outcome.

If your dream or vision seems dead, give it back to God. He is able to resurrect it if it was truly from Him; if not, move on. David was told, “You did well to have this in your heart” when he desired to build a temple for God and was not permitted to do so (1 Kgs 8:18). Paul “was convinced that he ought to do all that was possible to oppose the name of Jesus” and so embarked on a mission to eliminate the Christians. His misguided intent was shattered when he was arrested by the power of God and he was redirected to do the true work God had for him and “was not disobedient to the vision from heaven” (Act 22:3-21, 26:9-20; 1 Cor 15:9; Gal 1:13). He dreamed of taking the gospel to the most distant parts of the Roman Empire; that dream became his vision and shaped his values although to a large degree it was unfulfilled (Act 20:24; Rom 9:1-5, 15:23-29). God feels distress when His hopes and longings for this world are shattered (Gen 6:6; 1 Sam 11:15,35; Isa 5:1-7; Lk 13:34).

Satan desires to use the situations of life that don’t go the way we would like to turn us away from God in hurt and disillusionment yet these are the very events that should drive us closer to the only real source of comfort. From the broken pieces we give to God He is able to produce something of beauty and usefulness. In our brokenness, He can minister to the deepest recesses of our hearts. Out of these

Now is the time to cling closer to Him

painful life experiences, if properly handled and submitted to, comes a sweetness of spirit and serenity of maturity.  Although Naomi had experienced tragic loss she still was committed to God and was ultimately blessed beyond her wildest imaginations (Ruth 1:3-5, 4:16,17). Do not discard your faith and confidence in Christ – it will be richly rewarded (Heb 10:35). Reach out and find God in the midst of your pain.

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