We all have something, be it a mental, physical, emotional or social condition, where we are less than ‘whole’ compared to the general population. Don’t be intimidated by others who are not limited in the area you are – they will also have an

   A disability should not be a sympathy snatcher                                    but an opportunity to trust God

Achilles heel. No human has ‘it all together’ in spite of the image they seek to portray, so accept yourself. There may be remedial help that can address this impairment or counseling and tuition available to correct this handicap. If not accept this as a unique gift that distinguishes you and let it drive you into God for His love, mercy and grace. You are no less a person, especially in God’s sight, so do not let your self-worth be adversely influenced. Paul delighted in his weakness so the power of Christ could rest on and be displayed through his life (2 Cor 11:30, 12:9,10).   

We can get to heaven with a sick body but healed heart, however no one will reach there with a good body and evil heart.  

See also: acceptance, handicap, self-acceptance, self-pity, wholeness.


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