We all have something, be it a mental, physical, emotional or social condition, where we are less (or perceive to be less) than ‘whole’ compared to the general population. Don’t be intimidated by others who are not limited in the area you are – they will also have an Achilles heel, a vulnerable area of

A disability should not be a sympathy snatcher but an opportunity to trust God

weakness. We are all broken in some way, it is just the degree of disability. No human has ‘it all together’ in spite of the image they seek to portray, so accept yourself, and them also. There may be remedial help that can address the impairment or counselling and tuition available to correct this handicap. If not accept this as a unique gift that distinguishes you and let it drive you into God for His love, mercy and grace. Each person born into the world, including the disabled and handicapped is a unique creation of God. You are no less a person, especially in God’s sight, so do not let your self-worth be adversely influenced.

We can get to heaven with a sick body but spiritually healed heart, however no one will reach there with a healthy body and evil heart that has not turned to Jesus. Disability and handicaps only affect us in this fallen world, in heaven all is perfect.

The question is asked, why does God allow some people to be born with a disability or handicap with others incapacitated in some way due to an accident. While acknowledging God is good and in complete control (sovereign) and outworking His divine plan (providence) there is much that is broken and wounded, being subject to sickness, disease and imperfection – the consequence of Adam and Eve's rebellion and disobedience. Thus the original sin impacted all of God's creation that had been made perfect.

While some disabilities can be attributed to hereditary sin, or personal sin this is not always the case (Ex 20:5,6; Lev 26:14-17). When Jesus was asked, who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind, He replied neither (Jn 9:1-3). On this earth bad behaviour is not always punished and doing good is not always rewarded, with the innocent suffering. If you suffer sickness or disability while it is beneficial to investigate and deal with any underlying reason, ask God to give you strength through the ordeal and to see a deeper perspective. Never attribute anyone's misfortune to sin in their lives. While it is possible, the Bible says, our responsibility is to deal with our lives rather than pointing out the errors and sin in other people (Mt 7:1-5).

In the account of the blind man, "This happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him" (Jn 9:3). This man was healed, resulting in God being glorified. Paul, while not healed delighted in his weakness so the power of Christ could rest on and be

Choose to live for Jesus regardless 

displayed through his life; he used the disability for God's glory (2 Cor 11:30, 12:9,10). We, too, should choose to live for Jesus regardless of what seems to be an obstacle. Afflictions or disabilities are not hindrances to God's grace in our lives. We must trust God rather than ourselves, for He will help those who are obedient servants. The emphasis is He equips those who are called, rather than calling the equipped. He consistently chooses to work through the weak and despised so no one may boast before Him (1 Cor 1:27-29).

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