<<earnestly religious>>

A devout person has a deep level of commitment and growing maturity lived out consistently, not just a casual ‘when I feel like it’ approach.

“Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God” (Gen 6:9). Other examples include Job who did not allow adverse circumstances to shake his faith in God, Daniel who continued to practice his beliefs in spite of possible

Do I wholeheartedly walk with God?

repercussions, Simeon and Anna who also had a closeness of relationship with God, and the Roman centurion (Job 1:1,20-22, 2:10; Dan 6:10; Lk 2:25-38; Act 10:1,2). Although each of these people had a heightened level of consecration, this was not just a one-way deal. God, who “will honour those who honour Him” communicated to them on a much more intimate level too (1 Sam 2:30; Jn 10:4,14, 15:15). Likewise, we determine the degree of our connection to God; that in turn relates to the intimacy He has with us. Our relationship with Christ should be vibrant and life enriching, not a lifeless cold formality or ritual.

See also: commitment, daily walk, dedicate/dedication, devotion, holy, spiritual/spirituality.