A person’s view or understanding of God is governed by either their experience of God or their thinking – their theology of who He is. Before becoming believers, Christ may be merely perceived as a theory, a nice sounding notion or mental impression. But as believers, people experience the reality of His life being infused into theirs and an

Christianity is grounded in fact, not fables – 2 Timothy 4:4

increasing appreciation of His nature, obtained through Bible study and prayer. Our belief system is to be shaped by the truth of the Bible, not human thoughts or opinions.

God is beyond our comprehension, as is the splendour of heaven (Job 36:26; I Cor 2:9). However, He provides us with the necessary evidence of His character and activities in His creation and in the Bible, His ‘maker’s manual’ for us to live by. In faith, we accept the truth of the Scriptures on that basis.  

See also: facts, opinions, theory.