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Often it is relatively easy to start a project but to see it through to a satisfactory ending is the important aspect; this requires determination, long-term effort and being prepared to pay the price (Eccl 7:8; Lk 14:28-30).  Not only should we faithfully persevere in our tasks but also assist and help others to complete theirs. Joshua, by obedience and perseverance, completed the task that God had originally given to Moses, but had become his responsibility (Josh 11:15). The good work that God has started in us will be completed, when we are conformed to the image of Jesus in heaven (Ps 138:8; Rom 8:29; Phil 1:6; 1 Pet 1:9). Praise God!

Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith said, “I have completed the task you gave me to do [on earth]” (Jn 17:4; Heb 12:2). Paul also said, “I have finished the race” (2 Tim 4:7). They knew their goal and achieved it. Christ is the source of all our need – we are complete and find fulfilment in Him (Col 2:10).

Am I committed to seeing my divine calling                                    through to completion?

See also: accomplishment, achievement, fulfillment, persevere.

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