<<separate areas>>

We have different areas in which we live and function, at school, work, home, socializing and church yet often each subtly takes on a different identity. Instead of being the same person in each role, our character can change depending on the setting as we compartmentalise or isolate the various aspects of life. Some live by giving God part of Sunday, with the remainder of the week being lived without a thought for Him, and not in keeping with the Sunday façade they portray, whereas our spirituality should influence every facet of us and our lifestyle as it is the essence of who we are. When our beliefs are important to us, we'll make flavour every aspect of our lives whatever the envirnoment, with our core values not compromised or altered.

To help guard against compartmentalizing the various areas of life we should always act in a way that pleases Jesus, fully integrate our faith into all we do and with our words backed up by the corresponding action. Is my conduct always consistent with the faith I profess?

Our bodies, souls and spirits are distinct yet interrelated parts of us and when we have had a ‘bad day’, each is adversely affected. God desires that we become ‘whole’ beings, with our spirit, soul and body each being impacted by His divine power,

Do I attend to all aspects of my ‘self’, becoming a more balanced person?

so we will be blameless when Christ returns (1 Thes 5:23). The spirit, the enduring core of our being, should remain dominant and in charge, rejoicing in the Lord (Phil 4:4; 3 Jn 1:2).

See also: body/soul/spirit, dualism, isolation, wholeness.