<<celebration of Jesus’ birth>>

The Christian festival celebrated on December 25 commemorates Christ’s birth. It is highly unlikely it was on this particular day and some consider the date coincides with a heathen festival. There is strong evidence that Christ was actually born as early as 5 BC. Regardless of this, Christ’s birth split history into two, the years before His birth, designated as BC (Before Christ), and those after as AD (in the year of our Lord). The fact remains He was born for the specific purpose of bringing redemption to humanity for “Unto us is born a Saviour” – a deliverer from all the works of Satan (Mt 1:21; 1 Jn 3:8). His conception in the virgin Mary and His birth are recorded in the gospels (Mt 1:18-2:12; Lk 1:26-2:20). Christ’s coming to earth is often termed the first advent.

Christmas is often shortened to ‘Xmas’. The commercialism and consumerism of this festive season including the giving of presents and the legendary Father Christmas have overshadowed the real meaning of Christmas – Christ’s coming to earth, ultimately to die in our place. We are

Have I taken Christ out of Christmas, making more of the day than of the Saviour?

‘the reason for the season’ as Christ came to redeem us. At Christmas we often see only a baby in a manger, failing to recognise God who offers the gift of eternal life (Rom 6:23). What we can give Him is our allegiance and submission to His authority.

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