<<OT man of faith>>

One of the 12 spies sent by Moses to scout out the Promised Land of Canaan (Num 13:1-14:38).  Only Caleb and Joshua expressed their confidence that with God’s enabling the Israelites would be able to take possession of it. God honoured their stance, as they were the only two over 20 years of age who came out of Egypt who actually entered the Promised Land. The remainder died during the 40 years of wilderness wandering between spying out and the actual entrance into the land (Num 14:29-33). He lived 1400 years BC. This story is told in Numbers 13,14, Joshua 14,15.

Lessons from his life: * He boldly expressed his faith in God’s promise and wasn’t swayed by the overwhelming contrary opinion of those who didn’t take God’s ability into the equation. He challenged the people to fully believe and act on God’s promises, stating “God is with us so do not be afraid of them” (Num 14:9).  He didn’t make excuses or explain away the call of God. Look at the situation that faces us realistically yet through God’s eyes and with the promises He has given. This gives a better perspective than through human perception.

* “He had a different spirit and followed God wholeheartedly” (Num 14:24). Being in tune with God, by faith, he understood more clearly the divine plans, program and timing.  He was not swayed by peer pressure as he stood up for what he believed. Do I hold to the promises and principles of God or compromise because of the fear of men? It is imperative to hear from and obey the heavenly message (Act 26:19).

* Even at 85 years old, he was still active and with divine help drove out the enemy forces to conquer Hebron.  Throughout your life, continue to rely on God’s power and enabling to claim your spiritual inheritance – both in your own situation and in the lives of others.  The only time to stop is when you are dead! Don’t let the problems or lack of faith of others cost you your inheritance (Josh 14:6-13). There is always more territory to take for the Lord.

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