Aquila and Priscilla

<<hospitable NT couple>>

A Jewish tent-making couple with whom Paul stayed while in Corinth (Act 18:1-3). They later moved to Ephesus where they befriended Apollos, an eloquent debater of religious teaching, but who had not been exposed to the full truth of Jesus life, death and resurrection, or the reality of the Holy Spirit.

Their story is told in Acts 18; Romans 16:3-51 Corinthians 16:192 Timothy 4:19.

Lessons from their lives: * They had generous hearts and an open home – Paul stayed and worked with them, and Apollos was invited home and instructed there (Act 18:3,26). The home setting is one of the most effective and non-threatening environments to touch people and invest in their lives. Do I practice hospitality?

 * They evaluated the messages they heard and realised Apollos did not have the full truth about Jesus. Rather than criticising, shunning him as a false teacher, or confronting him in public they approached him in private. They patiently instructed, “And explained to him the way of God more adequately”. Our approach and dealing with life’s situations has a great influence on the resulting outcome. What is my response to teaching that does not conform to the Bible?

 * They were a team, working and ministering together. Never are they mentioned individually but always as a couple. If married, do you work closely with your spouse or go it alone? For those who are married it is for your moral and spiritual protection to work as a team. They had an ongoing ministry that touched many lives, Paul calling them fellow-workers who risked their lives for him (Rom 16:3,4).

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