Ancestor Worship

<<wrong view of dead relatives>>

Most primitive peoples believe in the existence of good and bad spirits, and many consider that among them are the spirits of those who have died. Provision of food, drink and other necessities of life are made available to

God is the only one to be worshipped

appease the spirits of deceased family members. While we should respect and honour our parents and ancestors, valuing their contribution, we do not worship or try to communicate with them after they have died (Deut 18:10-13). Voodoo involves such pagan practices.

Clairvoyance is the supposed ability either to see into the future or to delve into the hidden secrets of the past. These practices have their roots in witchcraft, superstition and the occult. Participation in them brings bondage in the spirit realm.

While it is right to be appreciative of those who have gone before us, there is an increasing expectation to give homage or unwarranted special honour and public respect to the spiritual values and cultures of many indigenous peoples. There are guaranteed to be elements of evil ancestral spirits in these traditions and as believers we are not to give allegiance or yield sovereignty to anyone but God. The Bible terms this "bowing down" and can be either physically or in mental recognition and agreement (Ex 20:3-5).

The belief that the spirits of those who have died can influence the lives of those still living is not scriptural.

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