<<coalition, union>>

We should cultivate ties with other churches and believers, not in a competitive way but in positive networking to encourage and support, as there is greater power in unity and co-operation. We may not completely agree with each other's views, but we should focus on what we have in common – faith in Christ without trying to change each other’s beliefs, which are often just different interpretations of non-essentials, or trivial variations of doctrine.

Association or close binding ties with non-Christian’s can lead to a compromise of
one’s beliefs and standards with backsliding the result. Although we are in the world, do not to be swayed by itsstandards, or become lax in your commitment to Christ. We are to

Am I forming wholesome alliances?

befriend non-Christians, but not let that friendship draw us away from God or force us to do something contrary to His Word. The Bible warns against marriage and business partnerships with non-believers as being unequally joined (1 Cor 6:14-17; 2 Cor 6:14,15).

See also: agreement, backslide, contracts, co-operation, partnerships, soul ties.