The Bible says laziness and idleness are to be discouraged (Prov 13:4, 19:15; 2 Thes 3:6,10,11). Christians therefore have a role in assisting people to find employment and supporting those without means.

If you are out of a job recognise God is in control yet don’t waste the time, rather apply yourself to study and maybe attend courses, to improve or up-skill. Are you diligently looking for work, door knocking, networking and even considering a change of occupation or being willing to accept less money than previous employment? Ask yourself, ‘Is there some serious character defect or social skill that I need to address to make myself more employable’? Diligence gives you a huge advantage over those who are waiting for someone to come to them with a job.

There are numerous community-based opportunities for motivated volunteer workers. Faithful service in such areas often opens up doors for paid positions, as people observe your work habits and attitude, within either that organisation or

In God’s Kingdom there are work opportunities                                                                      for everyone

another, as news travels by word of mouth. Maybe instead of expecting others to provide you with employment, you could venture out on your own.

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