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Rendering words, meanings and concepts from one language into another is complex as there are seldom exact parallels or substitute words in the other language, consequently there will be variations of the thoughts expressed but a good translator aims to stick as closely to the original ideas as possible.

The OT was originally written in Hebrew and the NT mostly in Greek. Parts of the Bible have been translated into around 3,500 languages that are understood by the majority of the world’s population. In English there are many different

Be sure to use a Bible translation which will help                                     you understand God’s message

translations and paraphrases which reword the concepts to achieve a greater clarity.

The ability to translate orally is also a specialized skill, but on the day of Pentecost, by a sovereign miracle, no translation was necessary as each person from the various language groups gathered heard Peter’s gospel message in their own dialect (Act 2:6).

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