<<above and beyond the normal>>

God is supernatural, with His nature and power operating above and beyond the physical laws of the universe, surpassing all we can understand or relate to. “He sustains all things by His powerful word” (Heb 1:3). The whole universe exists in Him and for Him so that He may receive glory, honour and praise (Heb 2:10; Rev 4:10,11). Although God is incomprehensible in His ability, He wants us to know Him.

His holiness and righteousness are other aspects of His transcendent nature that place Him beyond the reach of us, His creation, as our wickedness and bias towards sin denies us entry into His presence. However, besides being transcendent, God is also able to be immanent (near), drawing near to His creation as He desires a relationship with us (Mt 23:37). His love for us is so great that His immanence overshadows His transcendence. Through Jesus He broke through the barrier of sin and separation to draw all humanity back into a close personal relationship, with the Holy Spirit indwelling those who accept this provision of connection.

See also: omnipresence, supernatural.

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