<<shock, astonishment>>

God is creative; He delights to surprise us in different, unexpected and fresh ways, often answering prayer in ways beyond our understanding by giving us something so much better than we can imagine (Mt 7:11; 1 Cor 2:9). In spite of Jesus stating He would rise from the dead, the disciples were surprised when it happened (Jn 20:9).  When prayer was being made on Peter’s behalf, while he was in prison, he was miraculously freed and some of those praying couldn’t believe the answer, yet nothing is too hard for the Lord (Gen 18:14; Jer 32:17,27; Act 12:1-19). Our faith in the miraculous power of God should be always increasing.

Situations may catch us by surprise yet God knows the future (Eccl 3:11; Isa 46:10; Rev 22:13). The unexpected can be unsettling yet by being securely grounded in Christ we can rest confident that He only allows what is ultimately for our good – to drive us closer to Him.

As Satan blinds people’s minds do not be surprised when they reject the gospel or warm to your testimony of how Jesus is transforming your life. Our response should be to keep praying and sharing the love of Christ with them. The Bible states the rapture will occur at an unexpected time, and catch many people unprepared (Mt 24:44; 2 Pet 3:10). Many will be surprised that they will not be allowed

Ensure you are ready for the return of Christ

into heaven (by thinking they should be because of their effort and works), however admission is only through the blood of Jesus and doing His will (Mt 7:21-27; Lk 13:25-27; Rom 5:9; Eph 2:8,9; Rev 5:9).

See also: amazement, awesome, unexpected.