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 Study is more than just passively hearing or receiving some information or knowledge. Study requires active involvement to understand and assimilate the detail and retain the facts clearly. In the secular world students are encouraged to develop the habit of reflecting on the information available, exploring the possibilities, making their own discoveries and gaining an understanding. Rather than just amassing head knowledge (with the ability to repeat the material in ‘parrot fashion’, but no appreciation or understanding of it), endeavour to comprehend and assimilate what is beneficial and practically outwork it to effect desirable change.

Education shapes the mind, so a discerning person acquires knowledge, yet a lot of study wearies the body. It needs to be balanced with physical activity and recreation (Prov 18:15; Eccl 12:12). People are destroyed by a lack of knowledge, or neglect of putting that information into action (Hos 4:6). Search for the truth, and incorporate it into your life, moving on from where you are to where you want to be, so “Seek truth and knowledge” asking questions of those who can give accurate and true answers (Prov 15:14, 23:23). From the gaining of knowledge there needs to be the effective outworking of it in our lifestyle and daily living for theory is futile unless it can be turned into reality, making a difference that would not be possible without that information. Study and knowledge should result in change and personal growth so find a way to apply what you learn, as true knowledge is liberating only when acted on.

Scripture instructs us to study and obey the Word of God, then your life will be successful in God’s eyes (Josh 1:8; Ezra 7:10; Ps 1:1,2).  This is not just knowing what to do, but letting its truths affect your whole life, being demonstrated in a lifestyle that is coming into conformity to that of Jesus

   Study to correctly interpret the Bible                                                 – 2 Timothy 2:15

Christ so “Don’t just listen to the Word. Do what it says” (Mt 7:24,25; Jn 5:39,40, 13:17; Rom 8:29; Jas 1:22-25). “I will not neglect your Word for true wisdom comes from its study” (Ps 119:16, 97-100). Jesus pointed out that the people erred because they did not know the Scriptures, and we should increasingly become proficient in our understanding of the Word of truth (Mt 22:29; 2 Tim 2:15). The early Christians studied further for themselves ‘outside the classroom’ to verify the truth (Act 17:11).

Both in the secular and spiritual realms be eager to learn so you can speak confidently and with accuracy, besides being able to apply yourself with a wide range of valuable skills and knowledge to the multitude of perplexing challenges of life. A keen inquisitive mind, motivation, memorisation and review are keys to proficient study and the retaining of information.

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