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A stiff-necked person is obstinate, unresponsive and unyielding.

Pharaoh had a stiff-necked attitude. When told to let the Israelites go, he said, in effect, to God’s servants, ‘Who are you to tell me what to do’ (Ex 5:2)? The Israelites were constantly like this – complaining, arrogant, and rebellious, not listening to God or responding to discipline (Ex 32:9, 33:3;

Do I always think my way is best, and                          refuse to co-operate with others?

Neh 9:16,17; Jer 17:23). Ultimately, because of this attitude, a time of judgement came upon them (Prov 29:1; Jer 19:15). After sin came into the world most people persistently rejected God’s offer of salvation and disregarded the warning that by continuing in that rebellious way they would not enter into heaven (Heb 3:7-12).

All human beings are created in God’s image for the purpose of reflecting His glory as we walk in fellowship with Him (Gen 1:27; Eccl 12:13; Isa 43:7; Eph 1:11,12). Stephen boldly spoke out against the Jews saying, “You stiff-necked people…You are just like your fathers, you always resist the Holy

  Pray ‘Lord, help me not to be resistant                    but to be flexible in your service’

Spirit” (Act 7:51). When the Holy Spirit speaks or brings conviction, don’t resist but respond humbly to His voice and obey.

See also: hard-hearted, rebellion, resist, stubborn.

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