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Both spiritualism and spiritism attempt to communicate with the deceased and receive revelations from the afterlife (beyond death). Through trances, séances and mediums who possess physic ability adherents supposedly make contact with the spirit world via black magic, evil spirits and trickery,

Look to your Father in heaven for sound                                 guidance not clairvoyants 

with Satan the motivating force behind such happenings. Those who dabble in such practices do not always understand the considerable spiritual risks they are taking as they actually open the door for demonic contact, harassment and even possession.  The Bible has stern warnings about such activities which, although “having a form of godliness deny its power” and so are not compatible with Christianity (Lev 19:31, 20:6; Deut 18:9-13; 1 Sam 15:23; 1 Chr 10:14; 2 Tim 3:1-5). The apostles cast a spirit of divination out of a person (Act 16:16-18). Satan is a deceiver and endeavours to have people rely on spirit guides who lead them away from the sound doctrines of the Bible (Jn 8:44; 1 Tim 4:1; 1 Pet 5:8). Do not be enticed with the devil’s schemes, rather “test the spirits” and reject anything that is not consistent with the Bible (1 Jn 4:1).

See also: animism, evil spirits, occult, sorcery, spirit/spirits.

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