To every problem there is a God-honouring solution. We should pray and seek guidance from Scripture besides asking such questions as: what would Jesus do in this situation? Will He be glorified by my intended action? Is this the most loving response? Keep in mind the ‘golden rule’ of doing to others as we would they do unto us, and also the possible need for appropriate personal correction and discipline (Lk 6:31; Heb 12:9-11). The more important a decision, the more time and input needs to go into a particular course of action, and remember God will never instruct you to disobey any command or principle of the Bible.

Before responding get first-hand information and facts, carefully assess and prayerfully commit the situation to God – He’s bigger than any problem – and aim for a long-term

Take it to the Lord in prayer

solution rather than just a temporary fix. In faith, keep your eyes on the Master as Satan would rather we focus on the negative and worry about the situation.   

Make plans by seeking advice from mature people who can provide insight from real life experiences. Maybe they will suggest a different or alternative solution yet the final decision and any consequences rests with you, on whatever course of action you take (Prov 20:18). Don’t be so focused on the answer coming by a predetermined method that you fail to look at other possibilities because providence and guidance might come in a refreshingly different and creative way.  The invalid beside the Bethesda Pool only considered the means to get into the pool. The possibility of Jesus healing him was outside his thought range (Jn 5:2-9).

Have a realistic strategy, and separate the symptoms from the root cause. Divide the problem into parts – don’t try and deal with the whole but in manageable sections. Consider who can give me advice? What resources can I utilize? Get assistance if necessary – none of us are fully capable in every area of life. It is also helpful to write down possible solutions.

Decide on the best approach and start solving the problem by doing what you believe to be the Lord’s will, mindful this may need to be modified over time. We humans are impatient, wanting instant answers and resolution to the multitude of perplexing situations that confront us in our lives, but often there is a real need for patience,

God is all-wise and all-knowing – who better to consult?

persistence and walking by faith in the midst of trying times, which will prove our faith genuine (1 Pet 1:6,7). Living selflessly, by the opposite spirit to that displayed by the world, tapping into the resources of the Holy Spirit and humbly being obedient to the Lord’s leading are vital elements to reaching a wholesome solution.  

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