<<social isolation>>

Human beings require both social interaction and periods of quiet to be balanced people. Often the greatest decisions (after gathering the facts) are made on our own. Times of solitude

Treasure your times of privacy – use them well

are beneficial for reflection, direction and to regain a right perspective on life, connecting with our inner self without the distractions and turmoil that is happening around about and the ‘well-meaning’ advice of others. By consistently walking with integrity when no human is watching, if we are thrust into the public limelight, our behaviour will just be an extension of our private lifestyle.

Do not be afraid to be alone with God – who better to spend time with? Jesus regularly sought solitude, to be alone with God for fellowship through prayer, and to be refreshed in spirit (Mt 14:23; Lk 5:16). The Bible also records He was alone, praying before choosing the twelve apostles and in His distress in Gethsemane (Lk 6:12,13, 22:39-44). It is vital for us too, as Christians to have ‘time out’ with God in quiet times of fellowship or focused periods of intimacy with the Spirit of Life so we are better prepared for the challenges of life and activity after receiving spiritual strength from God (Isa 40:28-31; Jn 10:10; Rom 8:2). Don’t be so busy ‘doing’, in a flurry of activity, that there is no time to ‘be’ – a risk in today’s society. We all need space – some place and time to ‘do our own thing’ without being answerable to anyone except God to refocus on what is truly important. Solitude is not a place to live, cloistered ourselves away from society. However, in order to fully enjoy our relationship with God and to beneficially participate in godly community, we must have times when we relate with God one-on-one.

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