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A gifted speaker and church leader who “said much to encourage and strengthen the brothers” (Act 15:32). Silas, also called Silvanus, accompanied Paul on his second missionary journey, and helped Peter write the first Epistle of Peter (1 Pet 5:12). His story is told in Acts 15:22-18:5.

Lessons from his life: * Silas, with Judas (not the one who betrayed Jesus), was sent by the apostles in Jerusalem to the believers in Antioch to clarify some matters and give teaching (Act 15:27-35). Soon after this short visit, Paul chose Silas to accompany him on his second missionary journey, touching many new areas over several months. If we prove faithful in small things this will open up greater opportunities.

* Along with Paul, Silas was beaten and then fastened into prison stocks (Act 16:22-24). Did they have self-pity? No. They knew God never guaranteed His servants would not suffer but began praying and singing (Act 16:25).  What would my reaction be to such cruel actions? About midnight God intervened, not only bringing relief to His two witnesses but salvation to the jailer and his family as well, then next day, freedom from the authorities who had imprisoned them (Act 16:26-40). Sometimes life seems far from fair. Maintain a right attitude and you may be surprised how God changes the situation!

* Paul and Silas turned the rest of the world ‘upside down’ as people were being confronted with the gospel and challenged to respond to the good news (Act 17:6). Lives were transformed and revolutionized as this evangelist, who was part of the teaching partnership, effectively ministered the Word of God and lived out the principles they taught.

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