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A self-centred person views everything as to how it will impact them and asks ‘will it bring me happiness?’ There is no concern as to whether it is right or morally acceptable, self-gratification is paramount. God’s opinion is considered irrelevant, as they themselves assume the role of God.

This viewpoint is becoming more prominent in today’s world with people doing what is right in their own eyes, rejecting discipline and throwing off restraints (Jdg 17:6; Prov 15:32, 29:18). They are “loving self and pleasures rather than being lovers of God”, besides living in “luxury and self-indulgence”, regardless of the plight of others (2 Tim 3:4; Jas 5:5).  

Looking after self and indulging its passions is the focus of many people. Their consciences (which have sent out warning signals of ‘this is not right’ prior to an action and followed up with guilt afterwards) have been overridden countless times and no longer function in their moral monitoring role. The arrogant attitude, ‘I’m alright and that is all that matters’ dominates, but they little realize their peril (Rev 3:17).

Self-pleasure normally only considers the present – it does not think about the impact this will have at a future time. It is only concerned with the here and now, and hopes the future will turn out OK. It is a shortsighted approach. Wisdom teaches we must prepare for the future. The rich fool who considered life revolved around him was only interested in his own wellbeing, not how he could bless other people with a portion of his resources (Lk 12:15-21).

Self-pleasure is sometimes used as a term for masturbation. Like other forms of self-pleasure this is a demeaning practice, not appreciating God’s intended purpose for sexuality.

While pleasure and having nice things is not a sin, giving them a higher priority than is warranted and making self-comfort our god is – because it gives us and our interests

  What are my true priorities?

priority over God and His Kingdom (Ex 20:3; Mk 12:30). As Christians, our focus should be on Christ, life should not revolve around us but Him who loved us and gave Himself for us (Rom 14:8; Gal 1:4; Col 1:16; Tit 2:14; Rev 4:11). Consequently as we have ‘abundance’ in Him, are we concerned enough for the lost to ‘give away’ Christ to them so they can know Him personally and come into eternal blessing also? 

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