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This recognises we are less than what we are capable of, and thus it is commendable to work on upgrading what can be changed so we can function better. After identifying your deficiencies, be motivated to implement consistent, constructive measures to bring about the desired benefits. Upskilling and character development should never be done independently of Christ or by resorting to

What areas am I focused on improving?

unbiblical methods. In your quest to be a better person do not resort to any New Age mediations or mystical practices.

In contrast to the world’s general philosophy of self-fulfilment, God’s way is to value others more than ourselves, honouring them by ‘putting to death’ our self-centredness and placing their desires before ours (Mk 12:31; Gal 5:14; 1 Jn 3:16). This requires self-control and denial of our wants (not needs), besides focusing on the long-term benefits not the short-term hardships.

See also: improvement, motive/motivation, responsible/responsibility, self-discipline, self-help.