<<our self perception>>

This is what I believe others think of me, and is based on superficial and constantly changing values, therefore it is closely related to, and influences my self-esteem, which is what I think of myself. Our self-image affects our behaviour, our thoughts and how we relate to others, according to the level of our self-esteem.

King Saul desired the approval of his men and was more anxious of being “honoured before the people” than he was of obeying God (1 Sam 15:12-15,24,30). In contrast, Paul said he was not concerned about others’ views of Him, for it is the Lord’s judgement that really matters (1 Cor 4:3,4).

What God thinks of us is more important                                         than what others do

Instead of trying to impress other people and yielding to peer pressure we should be putting in the effort to cultivate a deepening relationship with God and working on our character qualities – which reflect the real us. With a healthy self-esteem we will not be unduly affected by our perceived views of what others think of us but will live with integrity and obedience before God, to whom we will give account (Rom 14:12; Heb 4:13). From the sound foundation of an honest appreciation of ourselves we can also reach out with love to minister in Christ’s name (Mk 12:31).

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