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<<humanistic way trying to reach heaven>>

Humanity desires to live in a better place (heaven), yet Satan deceives many people into believing there are a multitude of paths all connecting to a ‘higher power’ or ‘greater reality’ but the only way is through Jesus (Jn 14:6; Act 4:12). In stubborn rebellion many try to establish their own righteousness, by setting their own guidelines (Rom 10:3). Any humanistic approach to reaching heaven that bypasses Jesus is futile (Prov 14:12). We must submit and rely on Jesus for salvation (we can’t earn it, only accept it as a gift), yet validate our salvation by good living and God-honouring actions (Isa 64:6; Eph 2:8,9; Phil 2:12). While we ask God to help us, we also must apply ourselves to the task; He won’t do what is our responsibility to do.

See also: humanism, penance, religion, responsible/responsibility, salvation, self-help, self-sufficiency.

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