Self-fulfilling Prophecy

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Self-fulfilling prophecy occurs when a person unknowingly causes a prediction about themselves (by themselves) to come true due to the simple fact they expect it to come true, as their expectation affects their behaviour – ‘acting as if it is already true’. As by thinking, expecting and acting a certain way we can, in some measure, help to bring about events in our lives, so be careful of what you speak over your life, or that of others, as it can be a case of “Your punishment is already determined by your testimony…What I feared has come upon me” (1 Kgs 20:40; Job 3:25). “We are not able to go in” doomed the Israelites of accountability age so they could not enter into their rightful possession, for in response to saying, “If only we had died in Egypt…or in this desert…” the Lord declared, “I will do the very thing I heard you say” (Num 13:31,32, 14:2,21-35).

In contrast what He permits we can do, for although it may be outside our comfort zone, we should have optimism that with Him “We are well able…” (Num 13:30). We are on the winning side so focus on who supports you, rather than what is against. As thoughts can become beliefs that we live out, it is important to have a correct or right opinion of

Don’t talk yourself out of what is rightfully yours

ourselves and know our position in Christ as a victor, regardless of what opposes us, believing things are working for our good and He will not allow anything to occur than we can’t handle with His help (Rom 8:28, 12:3; 1 Cor 10:13).

Those who said they couldn't enter the Promised Land, their God-given possession didn't (along with all those who agreed with that mindset), while those who said we can eventually did. Those who say they can, and those who say they can't are both right.

It is vital to feed the right information into our mind for “As a person thinks in their heart so they are” with this revealed in our attitude to life as the Bible declares “Decree a thing and it shall come to and death are in the power of the tongue” (Job 22:28; Prov 18:21, 23:7). This is not a magical or mystical concept but a law established by God whereby our words empower the invisible spirit beings to bring about in some measure what we have declared for potentially they are beneficial to life or are destructive and produce death. We can receive the positive words spoken to us or repel the negative statements made with ‘In Jesus name I do not accept that’. This explains the correlation between what we experience in our lives with the power behind any blessing or curse that we have been subject to and accepted. Our minds attempt to bring into reality whatever we focus upon, so bring all destructive, irrational thoughts into submission before they subvert you. Get rid of all limiting ‘I can’t…I’m scared’ attitudes, replacing them with wholesome statements such as “I can do all things (that He requires of me) through Christ who gives me strength” (Rom 12:2; 2 Cor 10:4,5; Phil 4:8,13). This is not just ‘mind over matter’; rather it is proclaiming the truth and promises of God over your life. “Do not let any unwholesome (unbeneficial) words proceed from your mouth” (Eph 4:29). Maintain a positive, optimistic approach to life, seeing situations as challenges to overcome, rather than roadblocks, as misconstrued beliefs set a limit on our potential, and thus what we could achieve, by shaping our character and influences all we do in life.

Words are traps, we set for ourselves that give Satan opportunity to attack, defeat and hold us in bondage for a fool’s words ensnares their soul because unwise words are as effective just as wise ones so don’t be quick to speak or make vows (Jdg 11:30,31,34-39;

What messages do I tell myself?

Eccl 5:2,4-6; Prov 6:2,3, 15:28, 18:7; Mt 14:6-10). We need the Holy Spirit’s help, along with self-control especially when tired, stressed, angry or feeling down so we don’t speak negative words to others and directing damaging messages to ourselves through self-talk which can become self-fulfilling prophecy (Ps 17:3; Prov 13:3; Gal 5:22,23; Jas 3:7-10). So be careful what you speak as through our words we empower or give authority for blessings and curses on ourselves and others to be fulfilled (Job 3:25; Prov 12:13). What we believe and speak about ourselves can have huge ramifications as our words testify and condemn us, “Your own mouth testified against you” as to a large measure we determine if we enter into what God has purposed (2 Sam 1:16; Lk 19:22; Act 5:1-11). We should only speak good positive things, not destructive negative words, because what we say gives the unseen yet powerful spiritual realm extra impetus to bring forth what we align ourselves with. We are instructed to "Build ourselves up in our holy faith..." (Jud 1:20). Yet how often do be tear ourslves down with our self-esteem suffering? Satan's aim is to destroy what is of God – don't assist him but instead work with God to be what He had designed you to be. Everyman’s words will be his burden which highlights the principle of sowing and reaping confirming the undisputable link between what we say and what we experience, thus as we produce conditions that are conducive to bring our confession into reality we must ensure our speech agrees with the will and Word of God (Jer 23:36; Gal 6:7,8).

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