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In the natural world, this refers to the specific times of the calendar year – spring, summer, autumn, winter – marked by a change of weather and daylight hours with growing conditions (Gen 8:22). Israel, being in the northern hemisphere, experiences the hot summer months during June-September. The rainy season extends from late November (early rains) to early March (latter rain); rain seldom falls outside that period so the remaining months are called the dry season.

In the Christian calendar some annual events such as the Advent and Lent are termed seasons as their celebration covers a period of times). We also refer to the seasons or stages of human life. Thankfully, we are not all in the same season of life and experience at the same time, so we can minister to and receive from each other as our situations dictate (2 Cor 8:14).

  Can you identify the current                             season of your life?

God changes the times and seasons in world affairs (Dan 2:21). While we do not know the specific times in God's agenda Jesus said by observing world events we can ascertain the end of the world is near (Mt 24:32,33,36; Act 1:7). On the personal level there are definite seasons, or times of emphasis, when He is working on our individual character. Each has their own demands and requirements: a dry season challenges our resolve to follow when not sensing God’s closeness; a testing season uses adversity to develop our character; a season of sowing focuses on faithfully sharing Christ in anticipation of a harvest and the reaping season comes when life is  productive. Be on guard you do not become proud or self-sufficient at that time. No season lasts forever and just as God is in control of the natural seasons so He is of the various times and sequences of events that occur throughout our life. Don’t resist but actively co-operate, maintaining your walk with Him, as God always wants a greater relationship with us for “It is not by our might and effort, but by the Spirit says the Lord” (Zech 4:6). 

Am I walking sensitively with the Lord in this current personal season of my life or am I ‘out of sync’, trying to live in a different phase of it? Endeavour to “Understand the times and know what you should do…My times are in your hands” (1 Chr 12:32; Est 1:13; Ps 31:15). Don’t fight against the season you are in, rather accept it and learn the lessons.

  Allow God to fulfill His reason                                       for the season

Rather than asking ‘Why?’ in trying circumstances ask ‘What can I learn from this’. Each event in life has a purpose. We might not like the present period, yet wisdom requires us to adjust. Society thinks life is about having fun; God is more interested in character, holiness, growth and maturity than our personal comfort. When we submit our lives to His authority then God is sovereign and totally in control of the seasons of our lives. “All things work together...” (Rom 8:28). Just as in nature, there are periods of intense, visible activity and productivity but also the necessary yet seeming quieter times of dormancy, so it is with the inner life. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven” and at the proper time there will be a reaping (Eccl 3:1-8; Gal 6:9).  When the conditions and time are right, seed planted in the ground will spring forth. Recognise, receive and run with what God is doing now.

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