<<highest court of the Jews>>

This, the most powerful political and religious governing body of the Jews in NT times, was comprised of the high priest and 70 other religious leaders, the majority of whom were Sadducees. Although the Romans were in overall control, they allowed the Jews to manage disputes regarding their religion and some civil matters too.

After His arrest Jesus was tried before this court, then before Pilate, as a death sentence had to be approved by the Romans authorities (Mt 26:59, 27:1,2). Neither Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea and Samaria, nor Herod who had jurisdiction over the affairs of Galilee, (and was visiting Jerusalem at the time of Christ’s trial), saw any reason for the death of this innocent man, yet to appease the people they gave permission (Lk 23:13-24).

These religious leaders were legalistic and ritualistic, devoid of any spirituality and life, for although they had an outward show of Godliness they rejected Jesus and were in effect the blind leading the blind (Lk 6:39; 2 Tim 3:5).

See also: Pharisees, priest, Sadducees, Scribes.

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