<<what is left, ongoing>>

God uses and works through what continues to exist. After a serious loss – the death of a close loved one, divorce, major physical impairment or financial setback – in self-pity and anguish of spirit we cry over what has been taken, failing to see the potential of what remains. He is still God of what is left. While we often focus on what we have lost, God uses what is left – if we give Him permission – so in humility and brokenness, give the pieces to Him. The resourcefulness of God uses the seeming little that we see, and works a miracle. What we have been through becomes beneficial to us going forward.

The key to being a fruitful Christian is to remain in vital connection to Christ, the source of that life (Jn 14:6, 15:4-10; Act 11:23, 14:22). We must

Am I remaining committed to Christ?

intentionally choose and take the necessary steps to continue walking with the Lord, for Satan will try to lure us away and give up or present an alternative ‘shortcut’ that will become a dead-end.

“The Lord remains [continues] faithful forever” (Ps 146:6).

See also: focus, perspective, remnant, trust.