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Rachel was the beautiful and younger sister of Leah.  Although both women became Jacob’s wives, Rachel was the second and his favourite.  Jacob laboured for Laban , Rachel’s father (and his Uncle), for 14 years to earn Rachel’s hand. She became the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. Like her mother (Rebekah) and grandmother (Sarah) she also had difficulty conceiving children.

Her story is told in Genesis 29:6-35:20.  She was born about 2000 years BC. 

Lessons from her life: * Although she had physical beauty and the devotion of her husband she was not content, she wanted more, desiring to become a mother (Gen 29:17-20,30,31). Being unable to conceive herself she put in place a plan to have children by her servant girl (Gen 30:3-8). Although this was a culturally acceptable practice of the time, it was not a wise move as it just complicated matters resulting in more conflict and rivalry. Am I content with what I have already been blessed with in the natural realm, or am I jealous and ‘demand’ to have more, not being satisfied or rejoicing in another’s success and ability? Do not go beyond what are God’s boundaries for you.

* She could not see she was loved in her own right, for who she was as a person, and not dependent on her ability to have sons (Gen 30:1). Do I think I am only acceptable to God because of what I do for Him rather than loved because of who I am? While God wants us to ‘produce’ for Him, it is not as payment for, or to earn salvation, but rather to advance His Kingdom as an expression of our thanks for saving us (Lk 7:47; Eph 2:8,9). Unfortunately, our thinking is often distorted by evaluating things by the world’s perspective which is vastly different to the divine view.

* Rachel eventually gave birth to Joseph but died while giving birth to her second son Benjamin (Gen 30:22-24, 35:16-19). The all-consuming passion of her life to have children was the cause of her death. We too can die, either physically or spiritually, if we take ourselves down a pathway that is either not of His choosing for us or throws us off balance. If you are pursuing someone in a relationship or going after something that you know is not right it will lead to your destruction in some measure. God is to be our focus in life; He will not tolerate any other centre of attraction in our lives (Ex 20:3).

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