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After sin entered into the world, providing for the physical necessities of life became demanding and a struggle. Long ago a wise person said “Lord, give me just what I need; neither too little or else I may steal, while if too much I may disown you thinking I don’t need you” (Gen 3:17-19; Prov 30:7-9).

We came into the world with nothing yet His ‘good hand’ provides for our needs while we are here. Likewise, we will leave with nothing, but meanwhile we have the opportunity to invest in the Kingdom of God and provide for

Thank God for the blessings received 

others (Job 1:21; Mt 6:19-21; 1 Tim 6:7,17-19; Jas 1:17). “May God whose power is at work in us equip us to do His will” (Eph 3:20; Col 1:29; Heb 13:20,21).

It is the parents’ responsibility to provide for their own families. God enables us to work and earn our daily necessities, rather than expecting Him to supply it supernaturally – if an able-bodied person will not work why should they expect to eat (Deut 8:18; 2 Thes 3:10)?  Pray, asking in Jesus’ name, for Him to grant strength, provision and guidance relating to your work situation (Isa 33:2, 58:11; Jn 14:13,14).

In the OT the Israelites met the needs of the priests through their sacrifices. Similarly, it is the responsibility of Christians to provide for those actively involved in the Lord’s work (1 Cor 9:7-14; 1 Tim 5:17,18). Jesus, Himself, provided for the physical needs of those who sought out His teaching (Mt 14:13-21, 15:32-39).

Jesus came to earth to provide sinners a means of escape from their death penalty. Through a ‘new birth’ we can receive eternal life and enter into relationship with our Saviour. This is an ‘abundant life’, with all things ‘richly provided’ for our enjoyment (Jn 1:16; 10:10). It meets all areas of human need in a way we could never bring about ourselves – eternal salvation, healing and freedom from the old life (Ps 103:2-5; Jn 1:12; Rom 5:6-8; Col 1:2-23; Tit 3:4,5; 1 Jn 3:8).  “The Lord is my Shepherd, I will not be in want” and because He knows my need, I don’t need to worry about earthly things for He’ll take care of my concerns as I put His Kingdom first (Ps 23:1; Mt 6:25-34). It is most important to make provision for the next life by accepting Christ as Saviour and living for Him while on earth knowing that He can meet all our needs (Phil 4:19). Come in humble dependency to our heavenly Father and confidently “ask, seek and knock” to request His provision for you (Lk 11:3-13, 18:1-8).

It is not by our effort or power but by His Spirit that anything of eternal significance is accomplished as we live by the provision of God, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us into the riches in Christ for “His divine power gives us everything we need for life and godliness” (Zech 4:6; Col 2:9,10; 2 Pet 1:3). Are we actively utilizing those resources for His glory or do we just know the theory without applying it to our lives – allowing it to influence our sphere of contacts, telling them what Jesus died on the cross to provide?  He also provides ‘a way out’ so we don’t need to continue to sin (Rom 6:1,2,6, 13:14; 1 Cor 10:13; Gal 2:20, 5:24, 6:14).

As we serve Him God miraculously causes the seed we have sown (whether literally or metaphorically) to grow and to multiply. It is then our responsibility to harvest the resulting crop and prepare it for eating. God sovereignly works on our behalf yet also needs our cooperation, both in the natural and spiritual realms, to bring about what He

We have been blessed so in turn we can provide for others

plans (1 Cor 3:6-9; 2 Cor 9:10; Gal 6:7-10). As we responsibly manage what has already been entrusted into our care there will be an increase in provision (Mt 25:14-30). We should be thankful and acknowledge His hand on our lives (Ps 109:26,27, 117:2; Prov 3:6; Lam 3:22,23).

At times God makes special provision for some of his people. When Christians are on trial because of their faith, Jesus said He would give them the words that would be a powerful witness to Christ, and even if they lose their life their eternal destiny is secure in Him (Lk 21:12-19; 2 Tim 4:17,18).

He commissions angels to keep watch over others and He also provides miracles of healing and deliverance for some individuals (Ps 91:11).

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