The belief that Christ will reign on the earth for 1,000 years from the time of His second coming (when He brings the tribulation to an end along with the defeat of the anti-Christ), occurring before the final removal of Satan, who is bound and unable to deceive during this period. The post-millennial view believes the church (comprising of people who came to salvation after the rapture) will instigate this 1,000 years of peace, after which Satan will be unleashed but then Christ will return (second coming) to defeat Satan and reign forever. These different interpretations of Rev 20:1-10 should not be any cause for division among Christians. We should rather allow God to do as He has planned while we focus on doing what He has told us to do now instead of disputing the timetable (Mt 28:19,20).

See also: controversial issues, end times, millennium, post-millennial.