<<weak, ineffective>>

In our utterly powerless condition because of sin, Christ died for us (sinners), opening the way for us to experience the might of God the creator and to restore our relationship with Him (Rom 5:6,8).

Unfortunately many sincere believers do not know the capabilities and resources in God, purchased by the death and victorious resurrection of Jesus, nor His promises given to us His children. Because of not knowing their position in Christ they have a victim mindset, failing to exercise their rightful responsibility to enforce His will on earth, through being unaware of the authority behind the name of Jesus. He said, “In my name they will...” doing what I would do (Mk 16:17,18; Jn 14:12). This authority is over all the power of Satan (Lk 10:19). Humanity can be rendered impotent or paralysed through fear (1 Sam 17:24). We need to be in right relationship with God and our fellow man, and then stand our ground utilizing our spiritual armour and weapons (2 Cor 10:4,5; Eph 6:10-18).

Don’t succumb to the enemy’s bluffing. As a roaring lion he seeks helpless victims to devour – those floundering in the frailty of the flesh because they do not know their rights in Christ or the supporting relationships within a local, family church (Heb 10:25; 1 Pet 5:8).  While in our own ability we are powerless to resist his attacks, when we utilise

Do not focus on your weakness but His power

the resources of God, found in Jesus Christ and the Word of God, we are conquerors (Rom 8:37; 1 Jn 3:8). Although we are like fragile jars of clay, we have the privilege and responsibility to ‘contain’ His mighty power (2 Cor 4:7).

It is not God or His Word that has failed or is powerless; people have not entered in to their inheritance in Christ, because of a lack of knowledge, wrong teaching, or lack of faith (Hos 4:6; Mk 7:13; Rom 3:3).

Paul said, in the last days there would be those who appear to be Christians yet do not have any real relationship with Jesus Christ and therefore lack any power from transformed lives (2 Tim 3:5).

Transition from the place of powerlessness in ourselves, to the position of reliance on Christ’s power through obedience to Him. “Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power” (Eph 6:10). When feeling overwhelmed and powerless tap into His power through prayer. Pray, ‘Lord open my eyes to see the victory in you…I rely on you, do not let this situation prevail against you’ (2 Kgs 6:17; 2 Chr 14:11). Recognise that ‘Christ in me’ is greater and more powerful, than Satan when he comes against me (1 Jn 4:4).

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