<<a journey to a holy place>>

Three times a year the Jewish males were to travel to Jerusalem – for the feasts of Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles (Deut 16:16,17). The pilgrimage festivals occured in early spring, late spring and mid- autumn. They created an opportunity for the Jewish community to reaffirm their communal commitment to the covenant with God, strengthen the self-identification of the nation as a religious community, and entrench the sanctity of Jerusalem and the place where the Temple stood in the religious consciousness of the people.

Moslem's, at least once in their lifetime, are required to visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia, while Hindus and Buddhists also travel to their sacred places.  As Christians, we are foreigners in this world, and so our journey through life can be classed as a pilgrimage to heaven (Ps 119:19; Heb 11:8-10;  1 Pet 2:11). It

Do not be side tracked

is essential to walk with Christ and with His Word to light the path so we do not stumble for we cannot make it on our own; we also need other pilgrims to support and give guidance (Ps 119:105). Our eyes should be focused on the destination, without getting entangled in unnecessary things that are of no consequence (2 Tim 2:4). To be blessed by God is the outcome of obeying the Lord’s commands and not turning away or settling down part way along the journey (Deut 28:1,14; Josh 23:6; Gal 5:7).

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