Para-church Ministries

These are Christian, faith-based organisations that carry out their mission normally independent of any church oversight, yet working alongside local churches in specific focused roles. Such specialist groups are considered the ‘expert’ authority in their particular field and usually work across a wide spectrum of churches and denominations. They help by assisting what an individual church is less able to provide on their own. As with any church, these parachurch ministries need robust financial accountability and godly leadership, faithful to the principles of Scripture.

The abilities and conviction of a passionate para-church worker need to be balanced with wisdom and good relational skills, sensitive to the overall thrust of the gospel to touch all people, regardless of race, gender, social standing and church culture. These resources from outside ‘our’ church are not to

Welcome these ‘experts’

divide or detract from the local vision but rather to assist in building the Kingdom of God. We can all benefit by the insight and fresh approach others provide such as the Bible Societies and various family/children ministries.

See also: co-operation, ecumenism, ministry, partnership.