Palm Reading

Practitioners believe they can interpret people’s character, fortunes and possible future events by reading the lines and marks on the palms of another’s hands. While this practice is not mentioned in the Bible, any form of divination (attempting to gain knowledge about events and people that cannot be obtained by normal means), is strictly forbidden (Lev 19:26, 20:6).

While from a human perspective some things can be predicted others are totally unexpected and unanticipated but as believers we can be confident that God is sovereignly in control of our unseen future. Rather than worrying or being concerned about what we generally have no control over, focus on His Kingdom (Mt 6:25,32-34). Commit yourself to Him and trust Him to outwork and fulfil His purpose for you (Ps 138:8).

See also: discernment, divination, hands, New Age, occult.