This is being shunned by others, maybe because of a serious personality weakness (this needs to be corrected), or it may be your godly life convicts them of their ungodliness (be friendly but do not compromise your integrity and values).

If you feel you are ostracised by other people, do not yield to peer-pressure to compromise on your standards to gain acceptance. Be prepared to be rejected by the ‘in’ crowd and do not allow perceived unwelcome impressions or feelings of self-pity to take control. No one likes to be alone or isolated, but there will be times when this will take place. When you are not wanted, remember Jesus will never leave or forsake you (Heb 13:5). Jesus Himself experienced rejection and so can empathise with us (Jn 1:11; Heb 4:15,16).

Befriend those society ignores – the lonely, disadvantaged, physically or mentally challenged and those who don’t seem to fit into the accepted pattern. Jesus loves them as much as anyone else and died for them too. We are in fact ministering to Jesus when we minister to these ones avoided by society (Mt 25:34-46).

These who have real felt needs often readily turn to Jesus

See also: acceptance, alone, orphans, ostracise, rejection, self-pity, victim mentality.