As believers our highest goal (and duty) in life is to love God with every part of our being (Mk 12:30). Jesus gave His life to save us from eternal torment in hell; its the least we can do in appreciation for Him stepping into our otherwise impossible situation. We are

I live for Christ – Philippians 1:21

instructed to seek God's Kingdom and His righteousness (right way of living) before being concerned with the affairs of this life (Mt 6:32,33). When we put God first He will ensure the other matters are taken care of. God said to the Israelites, "I will give them singleness of heart and action, so that they will always fear me for their own good..." (Jer 32:39). The early believers had a singleness of purpose to grow in the knowledge of salvation and this was outworked in their lifestyle (Act 2:42-47). Our work ethics should be single-focused "as being done to God", not dependant if the boss is watching us or not (Eph 6:5; Col 3:22).

The Bible states, "It is impossible to serve two opposing masters at the same time" (Mt 6:24). As there would be a conflict of interest we must choose who we will be faithful to. Wavering between the two is not a viable option. As God's Kingdom will endure forever it makes sense to invest our time and resources in it rather than put our effort into that which will ultimately not last. When we know His calling on our lives this will motivate and empower us to be intentional in what we do and guard against distractions for unless we have something to aim at we will wander and drift through life with nothing much accomplished. However, the other extreme is to be so driven that we burn-out and walk all over people in an attempt to achieve at any cost. Frustration can occur when desired intentions don't materialise as we thought they would.

Objective truth claims are based on reality and are true for everyone, whether they agree with them or not – it is the truth. Meanwhile the claims of subjective truth can't be evaluated apart from human opinions.

See also: accomplishment, burnout, call/calling, distraction, focus, goals, opinions, plans and purposes, truth.