Next Life

Our present existence on the earth began at conception, and will end when we breathe our last breath. What we do in that period will determine whether we are doomed to a lost eternity of everlasting regret or ushered into the never-ending glories of being with Jesus our Saviour (Heb 9:27). By default, because of our sinful nature we are automatically destined to hell; it is only by a deliberate choice and

Have I made this most important choice?

subsequent reformed lifestyle (lived by the enabling of the Holy Spirit) that we can escape that undesirable option (Jn 1:12; Rom 6:23; Col 1:13). Everyone, effectively seals their eternal destiny while on earth, for once dead, there is no chance of reconsidering the options and choosing heaven.

See also: choice, eternal damnation, eternal life, salvation, way.